Remembering the '15 Champions Cup Final

Another post from my early career. It's moved on so far and these little snippets make me realise by how much. I hope you enjoy this entry, it makes me giggle looking back as most of the people I reference I now work with on a semi-regular basis.

I had the funniest experience the other day. It was one of those most unforgettable days. I was offered (myself and a plus one) to attend one of the biggest events in European Rugby. Little deliberation needed I decided to rope in my long suffering rugby girlfriend Danielle Meredith - much to the devastation of my other half.

A girly drive down to Twickenham after stopping at nearly every Starbucks along the M4 we parked and collected our tickets. Do you ever have that feeling where you think there might have been a serious mix up? The Royal Box - really? Us? Feeling very important we headed to the pre-match hospitality venue, unsure of what to expect we grasped our Prosecco glasses and began to 'network' - I use the term network loosely - what I really mean is 'not look like we are completely out of place and/or lost'

This began well,

"Hi, my name is *** I work for the EPRC, What do you do?"

Ummm... I am no one important fighting to maintain my employment week in week out.

Next up in chinos, blazer and a pocket square 'Mr Head of Communications for the B+I Lions' followed by 'Mr Head of the IRFU' and don't forget 'Mr French Minister for Sport.'

It definitely got to the point where you felt like A) making up a fake back story and hoping they never followed you up on Linked In or B) be vague.

I do actually work for the BBC but seeing all these extremely talented and important people in one room did make me feel particularly out of place and well, inexperienced. Honestly the only person I had met in that room before was the Chairman of the Welsh Rugby Union. I had made him a coffee once, prior to him speaking on a radio show I was helping to produce.

I'm an ambitious woman - one day I would like to think that I could walk into a room like that and everyone would know my name, but until I do anything particularly noteworthy in my career I will remember this moment and experience and probably laugh about it.

It was an incredible day and I had the opportunity to talk to some truly inspiration people - and make friends with some too. If anyone else has the opportunity to do something similar, my advice to you is this: You can never be too overdressed.

I still don't know how we held our own.

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