It's just one of those blogger buzz words isn't it. Wanderlust. A word that so perfectly sums up both a feeling and a mentality of a certain type of person.

If you look at the urban dictionary definition for the word, you will also see my picture... (just kidding)

I am one of 'those' people. I don't do holidays, I travel. I have gap-yarrr-ed, worked abroad and experienced new cultures. I am a walking wanderlusting cliche and I am not ashamed.

If a holiday involves going the wrong way on local transport systems, turning up in wrong city, accidentally booking the wrong hotel, or flight, or tour - trust me - if it can be done any way but the correct way that is me all over.

It’s a miracle

Genuinely I can’t believe I’ve made it to my twenty seventh year in life having had so many travelling mishaps. The moment I stepped out of the door at 18 and went on my first lone adventure I’m sure my parents took out life insurance on my behalf.

My favourite party story is that time I was in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand on a night dive and upon rising to the surface of the water – (with dive students in tow) – we were being screamed at.

“Turn off your lights.. turn off your lights..” our boat boy was yelling, or something to that description - I’m not particularly fluent in Burmese.

Well it turned out there was a 3 meter python circling our group of divers.

Yes I shat myself, bolted for the boat, attempting to keep a calm exterior for the group of beginners I was aiding but also swiftly overtaking them as I made my way back to the boat. At the time I was very far from calm but now I can laugh about it… it’s a great story.

Talking of 'I can laugh about it now' stories… don’t get me started on that time I was held at gun point.

Well all of that got me thinking, why is it certain people have such a strong desire to travel?

My little sister shocked the entire Smith clan when announcing she was going to spend a month in California after showing zero signs of Wanderlust for the past twenty-four years. So perhaps a desire to explore is something that impacts different people at different times in their lives.

I know where I get it from

My mum is a born adventurer and often regales stories of sleeping on the deserts of Africa surrounded by scorpions, or more obscurely, pretending to be lesbian to obtain free passage from Morocco to England without having to sleep with anyone. Good old crazy mum. I resigned to the fact that I would be taking 'the scenic route' to any destination when she was the driver.

So perhaps wanderlust is inherited? Passed down through generations, with my younger sister finally tapping into the spirit of mum's wanderlust.

Poor dad he has had to deal with Wanderlustful Smith women his entire life, women who without care or thought for time or distance, will always take the scenic route to their next adventure.

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