Looking back on Treviso

I found my old blog from two years ago and this was one of the entries.

At the time of writing I wasn't particularly bothered about the content and I didn't think anyone would actually cast their eyes on the blog, let alone bother to read a page, but having found it two years later I have really enjoyed looking back at old posts and seeing how far my life has moved on.

Here is a little snippet from a BBC work trip to Treviso in 2015.

It's a Thursday and I am sat on an Easy Jet flight to Venice, and true to its name, it's been nothing but easy. Despite the screaming child sat behind me in isle 17 seat A (consider yourself named and shamed little boy) it's pretty painless.

I, alongside several other colleagues and an ex rugby player, are on the way to Treviso to produce a live outside broadcast. To me, now, this is a pretty normal occurrence. I am handed an envelope of documentation from a wonderfully organised team of coordinators, jump in a car, a plane, a boat, and wham! I turn up at a rugby ground somewhere in Europe and I organise people, it gets filmed, and hallelujah we have a sports programme.

So here I am sat on an Airbus A319 (which means nothing to me) feeling very cosmopolitan that in the middle of the week I am even on a flight at all. Two days later...

Treviso is a phenomenal city and I will be returning - probably with work but here is hoping I might make it socially one day. My first evening I went for a run around the city walls. It can't be more than three miles and it is stunning. Very Italian. Boasting sunsets you only experience in catalog photos.

The best thing about Treviso is that it is only a twenty minute drive from Venice, so if you did have some time to spare you can explore both Italian gems in one trip. Its about a 30 minute train journey.

The central piazza in Treviso is surrounded by restaurants and high street stores with recognisable names like H&M and Zara. However if you want to find a little something out of the ordinary make sure you check out the back streets for small cozy authentic Italian dining - and drinking.

Which we did of course with Gareth Charles our commentator making quite a handy travel guide. After experiencing a five course Italian meal in a small, beautifully decorated, family run place - we then crossed the cobbled road to the restaurateur's son's wine bar for a carafe or two. Just bliss.

For a girl like me, there is also one major benefit to this place. It is a rugby town - well obviously otherwise why would I be here - the home of Benetton Rugby. We where covering the Ospreys penultimate Pro12 fixture as they fight for playoff contention and wow what a game. Rhys Webb once again showing his class as he read the line out and broke the gain line, before chipping over the defender and crashing over in the dying minutes of the game to secure a bonus point win. Not bad Webby, not bad.

If I had any advice for a potential trip it would be to travel in September to Marco Polo airport, spend a few days in Venice before popping over to Treviso to take in a game. Watching XV-a-side rugby in the sun is a rare phenomenon and you should take advantage of it. Then make sure you check out Fiol Prosecco bar, it will certainly be worth your while.

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